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1-Module hybrid spiral freezer
20 tiers - 660 belt width Direct Drum Drive


Young used spiral freezer


Freezer brand                        Advanced Freezers

Year of building                     2010

Dimensions module            6.500 x 4.500 x 3.750 mm (L x B x H)

Enclosure type                       white laminated outside

                                                    stainless steel inside

Belt width                               660 mm. (26")

Belt type                                 Stainless steel

                                                  (Direct Drum Drive system)

Number of tiers                     20

Belt length                             216 m.

Free product height            75 mm.

Freezing capacity                 750 - 1.500 kilo/hour

                                                  (to be calculated for your products)

Evaporator capacity             120 kW

Efficient freezing

The unique Advanced Freezers horizontal airflow design maintains the same air temperature and air speed throughout all tiers, thus minimising retention time for the food products to be frozen and reducing weight loss to generate a higher yield.

Quick to install

The Advanced Freezers modular spiral systems is mounted on adjustable feet, meaning a concrete base and floor heating system is no longer required. This reduces the installation time to an absolute minimum and helps to save you money.

Easy maintenance

All bearings and drives are placed outsidethe unit, simpifying maintenance as well as improving the hygiene. Therefore, no heat is added from the motor into the freezing enclosure.

Direct drum drive belts

Using the TwenteFlex belt we create the best possible solution for direct drum drive.

Using DDD in our spiral systems ensures a trouble free running and low maintenance.

DDD can be used with all types of belts and creates a trouble free product flow the entire time the product is inside the spiral system.


Plastic guidance

is used from our own mould series, therefore perfectly fitting for every spiral design.

High efficiency

The production continuity rate is very high, due to the use of high quality materials.

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