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Horizontal plate freezer

Horizontal plate freezer DFS

Flexible design

A horizontal plate freezer consists of a number of horizontal plates, through which a cold refrigerant runs.
The products are placed in trays or boxes between the open plates, which are then closed to provide rapid double contact freezing.


Efficient freezing

Specialised engineers design each horizontal plate freezer to meet your exact specifications based on your food processing requirements.

All equipment is pre-tested before installation and we provide staff training as well as maintenance support to ensure trouble-free manufacturing.

Quick to install

The vertical plate freezers are mounted on a concrete base. A floor heating system is advised, to prevent frost build onm the factory floor.

Installation time is  reduced to an absolute minimum and helps to save you money.

Reliable equipment

The unique cold plate design is maintaining the same very low temperature through all plates. 

This minimizes retention time for the food products to be frozen and reduces weight loss to generate a higher yield.

All used plastics are made of special lubricated HDPE, for easy product release.

Specific information

For specific information about products, service and maintenance. Please contact us!

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