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Industrial modification of industrial freezing equipment


As Dutch Freezer Service, we offer you professional modification for your industrial freezing and cooling equipment

Converting spiral freezer to direct drive

Converting spirals
to direct drive

As Dutch Freezer Service we offer you the service to convert spirals to direct drive

Efficiency improvement for industrial freezing equipment


As Dutch Freezer Service we are able to provide efficiency improvement for all industrial freezing and cooling systems for our clients.


About us

Dutch Freezer Service

Dutch Freezer Service is committed to providing service throughout the entire life cycle of food cooling- and freezing equipment.

Through our optimized preventative maintenance programs and by modifying and modernizing the production units.

Global maintenance & support

As the specialist in freezers and chillers, Dutch Freezer Service operates an integrated service network around the world for servicing and maintenance of its own equipment as well as spiral freezers from other manufacturers.

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Sales of used 
equipment & spareparts

Used equipment

As Dutch Freezer Service, we are able to offer you used equipment and freezers that have been pre-tested and checked. We are also able to modify and modernize based on the clients wishes.

Stock spareparts

As Dutch Freezer Service, we offer you professional quality spareparts for your freezer that has been used and not been used. We are also able to modify and modernize the sparts the way you like.

Preventative maintenance

Less equipment failure by optimizing the production line

equiptment failure

equipment failure is one of the problems that occur in a production line. We prevent these problems with the service of our specialized engineers.

Modification of spiral conveyor belt

Cost reduction of emergency repairs

Due to our fast overall service, we make it possible to solve all (emergency) problems faster than our competitors. this has been made possible by our improved customer service.

Low tension system to direct drive system

increased utilization
or up-time

we can provide a better and safer working production line. This has been made possible by our specialized engineers and technicians.

Contact us

Dutch Freezer Service - Transparant

Euroweg 7

7051 EB Varsseveld


The Netherlands

VAT-Number: NL 8583 110 08 B01

Chamber of Commerce: 70416885

Thank you for your submission, you will hear from us as soon as possible!

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