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Preventive maintenance

Why should you consider preventive maintenance?

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Better overall appearance and hygienic friendly

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Less equipment failure


Increased safety


Cost reduction from emergency repairs


Increased utilization or up-time

What type of preventive maintenance
do we provide?

Evaporator for a specific refrigerant

Less equipment failure

​Equipment failure can be disaster to the scheduling of a production system within an organization. Delays will add cost and stress to your ability to manage an effective schedule preventive industrial freezer maintenance. The entire facility will suffer because one piece of equipment failed at the wrong time.

Welding of a conveyor belt

Cost reductions from emergency repairs

On a business level, preventive maintenance will help your bottom line in so many ways. If you practice regular scheduled maintenance, emergency repairs that play a major role in creating a shortfall in your budget planning, could be eliminated.


Imagine trying to get a contractor to come into your facility to fix a piece of equipment in the middle of the night. It could end up costing you double time. Or, not having a contingency plan in place for equipment breakdowns may cause you to have to rent temporary equipment at three times the cost because of the short notice.

Plus, you might need to bring in extra help for your freezer maintenance team, so that they can deal with the problem at hand, not accounting for potential overtime it may cost you for keeping them at work longer and getting the job done. Not all emergencies can be avoided, but you can put the odds back in your favor by conducting regular preventive industrial freezer maintenance.

Adjusting the conveyor belt on the infeed of a spiral system.

Increased utilization or up-time

The number one most expensive cost for maintaining a freezer outside of labor is the equipment replacement. The key to a good preventative maintenance plan is to minimize the amount of times you will need to replace equipment within the lifespan of the freezer.

Generally, we all agree that preventative maintenance works, but most times, people have trouble seeing how much impact it can have on an organization at every level. Cost, safety, and a happy productive environment all make great excuses for establishing a good effective plan that works.

Low tension to direct drive possible for all machines

Hygienic friendly​

By maintaining a better overall appearance of your equipment (freezer), you can easily notice when your equipment is having some kind of a problem. An example would be Advanced Freezers IQF Tunnel Freezers featuring full-foam cleaning systems with zone control and rotating nozzles.

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