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Who are we?

About Dutch Freezer Service

Dutch Freezer Service


Dutch Freezer Service is committed to providing service throughout the entire life cycle of its food freezing and chilling equipment. Through its optimized preventative maintenance programs and by modifying and modernizing the production units.

Used Machines

Besides maintaining and providing service, we also sell used freezers. We offer the used machines of Advanced Freezers that are custom-made based on the specific production requirements of each client. Using a modular concept enables us to minimise the installation time while providing its customers with maximum flexibility and efficiency in the manufacturing process.

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In addition to providing servicing and maintenance of its own machinery, Dutch Freezer Service is also able to repair, update or upgrade all types of cooling and freezing systems. We also offer life-cycle maintenance and  can modify and modernize the production units for our clients. Because we have specialised engineers, we can provide trouble-free maintenance. All equipment is pre-tested before installation.


Members of the Dutch Freezer Service team of specialised engineers are able to renovate and modify every used freezer. Dutch Freezer Service is there to fulfill all the needed support from a simple phonecall to a complex complication.

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